Vicenç Viaplana opens the exhibition "New works" in Galeria Marc Domènech

EL 9, 5-02-24

"The exhibition, the result of almost three years of work, comes after the four exhibitions held in 2021, including the anthology dedicated to him by Espais Volart in Barcelona or "Submergències" at Museu de Granollers. With these exhibitions, Viaplana decided to close a stage to begin new works that can now be seen in Galeria Marc Domènech.

Despite its willingness to leave this stage behind, Viaplana does not dare to talk about a total change. "Yes, there are some obvious changes, but I think it's better to talk about an evolution. From that explosion, which is going to mean such a long series, they have created different elements per separate that have a certain relationship with the previous work but have a life of their own [...]".