LLuís Lleó will place 5 large paintings on sandstone on the street of New York from May to July

The artist will place from 1 May to 31 July 2017 five large painted blocks on the streets of New York. This great work is the result of a collaboration between...

TIME OUT, 28-12-16
Ricard Mas
EL PUNT AVUI, 18-12-16
Pilar Parcerisas

The exhibition catalogue has arrived. 

Juan Bufill

"The project at first was as ambitious as it was open and undefined. The gallery's director Marc Domenech wanted to produce and present an exhibition of Xavier Escribà that could be important and significant in the trajectories of both the artist and the gallery. Both wanted to present an...

EL PUNT AVUI, 16-10-16
Jaume Vidal

"(...) The exhibition Where we come from, where we are gives a travelling dimension to Escribà’s work. The painting is capable of moving in space as an allegory of time. The author has created a journey with an iron tube painted with layers and layers of his colour elixir. Each section...

ABC CULTURAL, 08-10-16
Anna Maria Guasch

"This ex profeso installation by Escribà (Paris, 1969) is a step forward in relation to his particular way of understanding painting (...). This would explain the pennant stretch-rope that follows the gallery walls, not only as a clear violation to the anatomy of languages, but also as a wanted...


Barcelona Gallery Weekend is an event for art lovers, collectors, professionals and artists with the aim of becoming one of the annual musts of Barcelona.
A unique weekend to discover a comprehensive programme in the most prominent...

Juan Bufill

Marc Domenech presents two exhibitions that claim the relevance of painter Luis Claramunt and photographer Jacques Léonard. Although they are two very different artists, they do have in common a certain situation of neglect to which some institutional and private agents are now putting remedy to...


Galeria Marc Domènech has received the 2016 GAC Award (Catalan Art Galleries Award) for the best 2015 - 2016 gallery program. 
We are extremely pleased with this award and we congratulate all the other winners.