Xavier Escribà. La face 'au culte' de la peinture

Xavier Escribà, "La face 'au culte' de la peinture (bleue)", 2001 acrylic on canvas 83 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Odissea", 2011 acrylic on canvas 43 x 75 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Cara i creu pictòric", 2001 acrylic on canvas and wood 70 x 95 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Finestra violeta", 2010-2011 acrylic on canvas 50 x 55 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Els ulls de Paul Klee-42 anys", 2011 acrylic on canvas 25 x 31 x 16 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Pels ulls de Paul Klee-42 anys", 2011 acrylic on canvas 55 x 17 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Le jongleur", 2007 acrylic on canvas 205 x 215 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Sant Quirze", 2011 acrylic on canvas 70 x 75 x 18 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Endless", 2010 acrylic on canvas 49,5 x 84,5 x 3,5 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "The Last Cap de Creus (blau)", 2010 acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 30 cm.
June 16th - July 28th 2011

The exhibition is formed by a group of 27 works and one video that date from 2001 to 2011. According to Jaume Vidal Oliveras, Escribà's work can be described as "fragments of paint ripped from the painting, sheets cut in strips that are rolled up, works that are exhibited facing the wall thus showing their back side, canvasses that are folded concealing the pigments that show through the joints…" Indeed, for Escribà every side of a work of art (front, back, side) is important and he treats them with exactly the same level of importance. The show demonstrates that, for him, painting is important in itself. Painting's ability to describe an image of something is only important if what it describes is the act of creating in itself.