Torres-García. Unpublished drawings

Joaquín Torres-García, "Figura constructiva", 1935 ink on paper 21,9 x 13,6 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Figura primitiva", c.1928 ink on paper 21,7 x 16,4 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Neoyorquino", 1921 ink and gouache on carton 17,5 x 14 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Hombre y chófer de N. Y.", 1920 charcoal on paper 15,2 x 19,3 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Escena clásica", c.1912 ink on paper 8,9 x 15,7 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Ilustración", 1910 watercolor on paper 9 x 13,9 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Constructivo con pez", 1938 pencil on paper 9,3 x 18,6 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Hombre constructivo", c.1934 pencil on paper 14,6 x 11,3 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Cabeza constructiva", c.1940 colored pencils on paper 19,3 x 14,6 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Raison et Nature", 1932 pencil on paper  23,8 x 16 cm.
January 12th - February 12th 2011

The exhibition, with a selection of more than 50 drawings, offers a complete picture of  Joaquín Torres-García's artistic universe. The variety of drawings on show illustrate clearly the artist's different styles he used and the stages he went through. There are works from his catalan period and also from his stays in New York, Paris and also Montevideo. Thanks to this selection one can appreciate his contribution to catalan Noucentisme, his devotion for Constructivism and also his interest in Primitivism which is unambiguously used during his years in both Paris and Montevideo. All the drawings come from the collection of the artists' widow, Manolita Piña, and are now seen in public for the first time.