Nicolás de Lekuona

Nicolás de Lekuona, "Cabeza amputada (autorretrato)", 1937 collage 13 x 8 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Futbolistas", 1935 collage and pencil on paper 37,5 x 19 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Collage con cuatro fotografías", c.1934 assembly of photographs on paper 15,5 x 13 cm. c/u.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Cargadores y grúa" collage and ink on paper 21,5 x 16 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Edificio en construcción", c.1936 photo14,5 x 20 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Bosque de palos", 1934 photo 9 x 12 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Bosque", 1934 oil on carton 49,5 x 34 cm.
Nicolás de Lekuona, "Figura enmarcada en un arco", 1934 oil on canvas 40,5 x 35,5 cm.
June 18th - September 25th 2015

This retrospective exhibition of Nicolás de Lekuona (1913-1937) - the first of this magnitude to be presented in Barcelona in a private space - offers a tour of his brief but extraordinary artistic career. More than sixty works have been selected form the artist’s family collection. In addition to oil paintings, drawings and collages, the visitor will also have the opportunity to enjoy a remarkable selection of his photographs and rare photomontages. Despite his premature death at the age of 24 during the Spanish Civil War, the innovative and experimental spirit of his works have made Lekuona become a prominent member of the Spanish avant-garde. During his short life he developed a legacy of great artistic quality and diversity much of which can now be appreciated in this anthology until September 25th.

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