Moisès Villèlia. Wood Sculptures. 1954-1992

Moisès Villèlia, "Untitled", 1954
Moisès Villèlia, "Untitled", 1955
Moisès Villèlia, "Sin título", 1954 talla de madera de fresno 80 x 17 x 11 cm.
Moisès Villèlia, "Sin título", 1956 talla de madera de boj 62 x 12 x 10 cm.
Moisès Villèlia, "Personajes", 1978-80 talla de madera de ukola 170 x 31 x 30 cm.
Moisès Villèlia, "Sin título", 1980 talla de madera de teca y de madera de haya 120 x 40 x 20 cm.
Moisès Villèlia, "Personatge", 1979-80
Moisès Villèlia, "Personatge", 1979-80
Moisès Villèlia, "Untitled", 1980
Moisès Villèlia, "Maqueta per a un parc", 1992
November 19th 2020 - January 29th 2021

This exhibition aims to explore the connection that Moisès Villèlia (Barcelona, 1928 - Barcelona, 1994) had with the world of woodcarving. Many of the sculptures he made in wood have not received the necessary attention, given the fact that much of his sculptural production revolved around bamboo cane and art critics have always praised the originality and quality of these works. “Moisès Villèlia. Wood Pieces. 1954 – 1992” intends to correct this situation, for this is the first time that an exhibition has been exclusively dedicated to analysing his production with this material and recovering its long, productive and relevant connection. The exhibition is therefore a retrospective journey that contains more than thirty pieces, many of which have never been seen before, produced over a forty-year period of visual research.

Muntatges, 1963