Le Corbusier. Drawings and collages

Le Corbusier, "Composition surréaliste. Coquillage et racine", 1939 ink and watercolor on paper 20,4 x 26,6 cm
Le Corbusier, "Tête de taureau et galet", 1940 gouache and ink on paper 21,3 x 27,4 cm
Le Corbusier, "Bouteilles et verres", 1944 oil on wood 33 x 22 cm
Le Corbusier, "Projet de Sculpture", 1946 gouache on paper 55,8 x 43,8 cm
Le Corbusier, "Deux femmes autour d'un compotier et de deux tasses", 1952 pastel and pencil on paper 32,8 x 43,2 cm
Le Corbusier, "Corde et verres", 1954, collage, gouache and charcoal on paper 48 x 62 cm
Le Corbusier, "Nature morte puriste-Étude pour le tableau 'Nature morte aux nombreux objets'", 1923 colored pencils on paper 27,7 x 38,5 cm
Le Corbusier, "Écorce, coqiollage et femme assise lisant", 1932 pastel and pencil on paper 21 x 31 cm
Le Corbusier, "Les Deux soeurs", 1946, pastel on paper 20,4 x 26,7 cm
Le Corbusier, "Deux femmes enlacées sur une jetée, avec une barque dans le lontain", 1949, collage and gouache on paper 55,6 x 44 cm
November 9th 2023 - January 12th 2024

“(…) one only needs to look at his publications, the volumes of his Complete Works, the catalogues of his notebooks and his plastic work to see how drawing was a part, peacefully or violently, with friendship or resistance, of every minute of his waking days. He himself said when he was coming to the end that if ‘drawing can involve art […] art, in contrast, cannot express itself without drawing’, and that ‘there is no need to look further [than the drawing] for the key to my works’.” Juan José Lahuerta, Le Corbusier’s Drawings in Relation to His Symbols,2023

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