From Léger to Dubuffet. Signs and gestures from the C. 20th

Fernand Léger, "Le trapéziste et l'ecuyère", 1953 gouache, watercolor, ink and pencil on paper 32,4 x 36,2 cm.
Auguste Herbin, "Maternité", 1927 watercolor on paper 26 x 18 cm.
Albert Gleizes, "Sans titre", 1920 oil on wood 87 x 60,5 cm.
André Masson, "Étude pour 'Composition'', 1930 oil, goauche and pastel on canvas 115 x 73 cm.
Maurice Esteve, "La charrue", 1948 oil on canvas 22 x 27,5 cm.
Antoni Tàpies, "Ala gris sobre negro", 1959 mixed media on canvas 54,5 x 81 cm.
Luís Feito, "Nº 185", 1960 mixed media on canvas 189,5 x 239,5 cm.
Jean Dubuffet, "Tour 19 juillet 1973", 1973  felt tip pen and collage on paper 27 x 18 cm.
December 2011 - February 2012

Exhibition which took place from December 2011 to the end of February 2012. 

The gallery presented this exhibition with the aim to offer a partial revision of the avant-garde movements of the last century. The show covered the period from 1910, with an early drawing by Léger, to the 1970s with a series of collage works by Jean Dubuffet. The exhibition pretends to demostrate how artists like Miró, Masson, Calder, Vasarely, Feito, Tàpies, used signs and gestures in their canvases, papers and sculptures, as a means to go well beyond the traditional imitation of nature.