Joan Furriols. Papers

Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1985 paper 22,3 x 14,2 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1989 paper 63,4 x 55,4 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1986 paper  31,5 x 33 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1985 paper  50 x 36,2 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1986 paper and pencil 22 x 50 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 1989 paper  18 x 38,5 cm
Joan Furriols "Dotze paperines en X", 2002 paper, glue and marble sand 13,5 x 59 x 58,5 cm
Joan Furriols "Tríptic", 2002 carton  46 x 106 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 2003 carton, string and marble sand  27 x 28,5 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 2003 carton, string and marble sand 27 x 28
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 2005 carton  37,9 x 35,4 cm
Joan Furriols "Untitled", 2005 carton  33 x 40 cm
May 9th - June 14th 2019

We present the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to the work on paper by Joan Furriols (1937). Extraordinarily consistent work focusing on the cult of compositional simplicity, order and purity is being presented through a selection of some forty pieces produced over the past thirty years. The rigorous delicacy revealed by his creations is the result of a refined, meticulous economy that imbues not only his materials, but also his use of lines, folds and the most ascetic compositional designs.

“… in the seventies and eighties Furriols explored folds of paper. The granular texture of paper offsets the absolute simplicity of shapes attained through one or two operations at the most. The actual work was not just the one produced on the paper by means of the fold but the independent almost sculptural shape that the surface assumed in relation to its surrounding space. The small laminar sheet thereby became almost objectified, a unique presence. These are works that speak of subtlety in the action of drawing, in most cases without turning either to script or line. Their poetry lies in this delicateness.”
(Àlex Mitrani, catalogue exhibition “Joan Furriols. El lloc del temps”, Centre d’Art Tecla Sala, L’Hospitalet, February 3rd  – May 30th 2010)