Antonio Saura, "Autoretratto 2", 1966 oil on canvas 60 x 73 cm
Jean-Paul Riopelle, "Untitled (Iceberg Series)", 1977 oil on canvas 27 x 35 cm
Antoni Tàpies, "Pintura damunt cartró rascat", 1959 mixed media on carton 107 x 75 cm.
Enric Planasdurà, "Untitled", 1962 mixed media on canvas 130 x 97 cm
Moisès Villèlia, "Untitled", 1963 steel wire,thread 32 x 42 x 22 cm
Enric Planasdurà, "Untitled", 1962 mixed media and gouache on cardboard 34,2 x 40,6 cm
Rafael Canogar, "Pisas el umbral de la muerte", 1963 oil on canvas 200 x 150 cm
Antoni Clavé, "Rei Wamba", 1959 oil on carton 91 x 64 cm
Vieira da Silva, "Automne", 1961 oil on canvas 81,3 x 100 cm
Joan Miró, "Sans titre I", 1961 ink, watercolor and crayon on paper 32,5 x 50 cm
Hans Hartung, "Untitled", 1968 pastel and 'grattage' on paper 34,3 x 26 cm
Esteban Vicente, "Untitled", 1964 ink on paper 48,5 x 62 cm
March - April 2016

"Informalisms" is the title of the new exhibition that is on show in our rooms during the months of March and April. This exhibition, built with a selection of works from the gallery’s collection, is centred around the artistic tendency that Michel Tapié immortalized with the text 'Un art autre ' which led to the artistic movement known as Informalism. Far from being a tidy and uniform trend, Informalism was multifaceted and extremely rich in artistic demonstrations and largely influenced the agenda of European art after the tragic World War II. In order to analyse this momentous and fruitful time and show some of the varied plastic resources that define Informalist Art, we have selected around twenty works by different artists, most of them created during the 1960s.

List of artists:
Bram Bogart - Rafael Canogar - Antoni Clavé - Modest Cuixart - José Guerrero - Hans Hartung - Manolo Millares - Joan Miró - Enric Planasdurà - Jean-Paul Riopelle - Antonio Saura - Antoni Tàpies - Esteban Vicente -Vieira da Silva – Vilacasas - Moisès Villèlia