Hernández Pijuan. 1970s

Hernández Pijuan, 'Aquarel·la 2,40' 1978 pencil and watercolor on Arches paper, on cardboard 100 x 70 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Aquarel·la 3,42' 1978 pencil and watercolor on Arches paper, on cardboard 100 x 70 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Dues copes 3' 1971 gouache and pencil on paper 64 x 54,7 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Tres pomes-2' 1970 pencil and watercolor on paper Arches 64,1 x 49,9 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Sense títol (L'estisora)' 1972 oil on canvas 114 x 146 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Sense títol' 1970 gouache, pencil and ink on cardboard 19 x 11,8 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Petit espai amb horitzontals' 1977 oil on canvas 24 x 33 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Horitzontals i daurats' 1977 oil on canvas 33 x 41 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Sense títol 3' 1977 watercolor on paper 17,2 x 24,8 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Sense títol 9' 1977 pencil and watercolor on Arches paper 13,5 x 18,8 cm
Hernández Pijuan, 'Sense títol 6' 1979 watercolor on paper 101,5 x 36,5
Hernández Pijuan, 'Violetes, blaus i verds', 1979 oil on canvas 195 x 97 cm
11 May - 30 June 2023

Painting is an act of knowledge
J. Hernández Pijuan

The exhibition Hernández Pijuan: The Seventies, offers forty-six works, including paintings, watercolours and drawings, produced by the artist between 1969 and 1980. This is the first exhibition, after the one held at the Galeria Joan Prats (Barcelona) in 1979, dedicated to the work produced by Hernández Pijuan (Barcelona, 1931-2005) in the 1970s. A body of works that he himself described as ‘the most radical, the hardest and most uncompromising that emerged from my studio’.

The aim is to look back at this significant period of the artist’s career with a view to assessing with hindsight its importance, both in the evolution of his artistic trajectory and in the context of a time when numerous different artistic languages blossomed – Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Spatialism and colour-field painting – that have often been associated with the artist and which he always kept – respectfully – at arm’s length.