Formalisms I

Roberto Matta, "Geyser de la mémoire", 1972-74 oil on canvas 204 x 218 cm.
Xavier Escribà, "Perfecta (verda)", 2009 acrylic and canvas 50 x 70 cm.
Miquel Barceló, "Steak frites", 1984 oil and mixed media on canvas 52,1 x 58,4 cm.
M.Ángeles Ortiz, "Paisaje nocturno, luna llena", 1977 oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm.
Zoran Music, "Paesaggio roccioso", 1968 colored crayon on paper 25,3 x 32,5 cm.
Moisès Villèlia, "Maqueta Barcelona", 1980 bamboo, paper and acrylic 44 x 120 x 27 cm.
André Masson, "Eclosion VI", 1958 gouache, pastel, sand, feathers on paper on canvas 73 x 100 cm.
Zoran Music, "Paesaggio roccioso", 1979 oil on canvas 65 x 81 cm.
Esteban Vicente, "Growth", c.1951 oil on canvas 121,9 x 114,3 cm.
Antoni Clavé, "Guerrier", 1961 mixed media on canvas 100 x 73 cm.
March 27th - May 15th 2014

"Formalisms I" is the first of a series of exhibitions with which we want to present a selection of works from the gallery’s collection and thus propose a diverse and varied dialogue between works that the traditional art-historical discourse move-away from each other. The purpose is to demonstrate how artists belonging to different generations or even works that use diverse artistic expressions can share the same space if - independently of historical, ethical or socio-political considerations - we allow forms to communicate between themselves in order to attest that they are the essence shared amongst all works of art. 

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