Colour, matter...gesture!

André Masson, 'Eclosion VI', 1958 mixed media on paper on canvas 73 x 100 cm
Antoni Tàpies, 'Pintura grisa-verda', 1955 mixed media on canvas 39 x 61 cm
Manuel Rivera, 'Tiritaña XI', 1975 metal mesh, wire, oil  65 x 81 cm
Esteban Vicente, 'Untitled' 1967 ink on paper 48,5 x 70 cm
Luis Feito, '366' 1962 oil on canvas 73 x 60 cm
Moisès Villèlia, 'Untitled', 1987 bamboo 230 x 73 x 73 cm
Esteban Vicente, 'Yonder', 1993 oil on canvas 101,6 x 127 cm
Esteban Vicente, 'Autumn', 1993 oil on canvas 106,7 x 127 cm
June 28th - September 30th 2019

A selection of works by several artists of the second half of the twentieth century, sharing elements such as colour, matter and gesture, have been selected for this exhibition.


List of artists:
Rafael Canogar
Luis Feito
Joan Furriols
José Guerrero
Wifredo Lam
André Masson
Manolo Millares
Joan Miró
Zoran Music
Joan Hernández Pijuan
Manuel Rivera
Antoni Tàpies
Esteban Vicente
Moisès Villèlia