Alberto Magnelli. Paintings and Drawings

Alberto Magnelli, "Double image", 1934 oil on canvas 195 x 130 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Femme au châle", 1913-1914 pencil on paper 28,8 x 18,9 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Peinture nº 0525", 1915 oil on canvas 100 x 75 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Trois personnages", 1913-1914 oil on canvas 200 x 167 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Explosion lyrique n º 12", 1918 oil on canvas 130 x 130 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Nudo diviso", 1917 oil on canvas 180 x 100 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Pierres, 10 août 1931", 1931 ink on paper 33,9 x 25,6 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Pierres n º 6 G", 1933 tempera on paper on canvas 116 x 83 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Signes constants", 1968 oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm.
Alberto Magnelli, "Etude pour Valeurs en couleur", c.1967 felt tip pen on paper 13,6 x 21 cm.
September 18th - November 18th 2008

The exhibition presents a group of 45 paintings and drawings that clearly illustrate the different styles that the artist used during his artistic career. Specially notable are the works that illustrate his first period in which he worked in a personal cubist style as well as in a futurist style.

Alberto Magnelli is one of the most important artists of the first half of the XX century and one of the few ones that best illustrate each and every one of the most relevant plastic postulates of this important period. In his work we can appreciate clean and arrogant colours, applied with vibrant yet controlled brushstrokes and a perfect balance between movement and harmony. He is the painter of freedom, but also of balance.