Pic Adrian (1910-2008)

Galeria Marc Domènech is pleased to announce the representation of the estate of the artist Pic Adrian (1910 – 1994)

Both Galeria Marc Domènech (Barcelona) and Galerie Zlotowski (Paris), together with Monica Adrian, the artist's daughter, have agreed that the two galleries will be responsible for representing the artist's estate in Spain and France respectively. International representation beyond their respective countries, will be shared by both galleries.

Among the various initiatives that are being projected, there is a large exhibition of paintings from the 1960s that will be seen in Paris from October 8 to November 30 (2022) at Galerie Zlotowski and in Barcelona from January 12 to March 16 (2023) at Galeria Marc  Domènech.

PIC ADRIAN (Moineşti, Romania, 1910 - Barcelona, ​​2008)
Pic Adrian was born in 1910 in Moineşti (Romania), although in 1915 his family moved to Bucharest where years later he studied law. He published his first book of poems, Jocuri de lumini în întoneric (Plays of light in the dark) in 1927. In Paris, decades later, he published five more books: Oeil du ciel: cœur (1973), Main planétaire (1985), Noyau de l'infini (1990), L'Île invisible (1994) and Transparence (1999). He then moved to Israel in 1951.
In 1953 he lived in France, where he met relevant figures such as Brancusi, Chagall, Fernand Léger, Jean Arp and Pau Casals, among others. As of July 1953, he established his residence in Barcelona, ​​although he maintained his activity in Paris.
His book Réflexions sur l'univers sonore appeared in 1955, through which he had contact with personalities such as Gabriel Marcel, Louis de Broglie or Albert Schweitzer. On the other hand, the Goya magazine in Madrid published his essays on Brancusi, Arp and Pevsner.
His first individual exhibition was in 1962 at the Syra Gallery in Barcelona. During this period, Adrian founded the group Tendencias Esencialistas, which exhibited in Barcelona in 1967 and in Madrid in 1969. He also published several books on art theory and was part of various collective exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, London, Rouen, Le Havre, West Germany, etc. Between 1970 and 1971, two albums of serigraphs by the artist were published in Turin and Barcelona, ​​respectively: 10 Condizioni lineari di segnaletica aórica and Sincronías. Throughout his life he traveled extensively in Western Europe and the United States.
In 1977 a monograph appeared on his work written by Pierre Restany (“Le Musée de Poche” collection, Paris). Another monograph on his work from 1984, published by Barcelona's Condal Editorial, offers a complete overview of his works and activities. His paintings are in some of the main museums of the world: MACBA (Barcelona), IVAM (Valencia), MNCARS (Madrid), Tel Aviv Art Museum (Tel Aviv), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), MOMA (New York), Staatsgalerie (Stuttgart)...

Pic Adrian