Joaquín Torres-García

1874 - 1949
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Joaquín Torres-García, "Construcción con forma", 1927 ink on paper 13,5 x 9,5 cm
Joaquín Torres-García, "Ice cream", 1948 oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm.
Joaquín Torres-García, "Cabeza constructiva", c.1940colored pencils on paper 19,3 x 14,6 cm.

Joaquín Torres García (28 July 1874 – 8 August 1949), was a Uruguayan plastic artist and art theorist, also known as the founder of Constructive Universalism. Lived and worked many years in Catalonia. His beginnings were marked by the “noucentista” movement, for which he was one of the most important promoters. In 1926 he moved to Paris and created with Michel Seuphor the “Cercle et Carré” group. He returned to Montevideo in 1934 where he founded the “Asociación de Arte Constructivo”.